15 Great Coffee Shop Ideas and Designs


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and while there are various brews and blends, the surrounding where you take it matter. Over the years we have seen different coffee shop designs, with Starbucks being one of the most infamous. Here are our top 15 coffee shop designs.

1. A Place for Lovers of History and Art

A Place for Lovers of History and Art

This design brings together antique pieces collected over time and represents a part of world history. You will find a some of rare to find antiques as you get your shot of coffee. The mesmerizing art will soothe your mood and will ready you for a great day or as pick up lines for a conversation with your date or the stranger on the next table.

2. Tranquility at Its Best

Tranquility at Its Best

This coffee shop was designed to bring a feeling of tranquility and belonging. Two predominant colors dominate the coffee shop; grey and peach. The peach murals on the walls contrast beautifully with the grey seats and oak ceilings.

3. Readers Paradise

Readers Paradise

This coffee shop design has all the colors imaginable, and they are blended in a fashion that will make your day brighter. There is a bookshelf on one side of the shop, and you can flip through the latest magazines and short story books as you wait or your coffee or while the time away.

4. Coffee Home Away from Home

Coffee Home Away from Home

This is one of the best coffee shop designs with a homely ambiance. From the lighting to the curated pieces on the walls, you can have the time of your life here. With the Wi-Fi, you can get your work done here and all the coffee you could need.

5. Sticky Note Stories

Sticky Note Stories

Waiting for coffee to get made can be grueling, but this coffee shop design will have you wishing you could wait longer. The counter has heart-shaped sticky notes with funny messages on each one. You will need several visits to the coffee shop to read them all, but you probably never will because they add more every so often.

6. Coffee at Grandma’s

Coffee at Grandma’s

This coffee shop is designed with the goal to elicit the feeling of visiting your grandma. There is a wall unit with amazing mugs on the wall, and you can choose the mug that will hold your coffee. It is not only a design hack, but you can get ideas for your home or gifts during the holidays.

7. Love France

Love France

This is one of the most intriguing coffee shop designs on this list. It is predominantly blue and no matter the day you have had, you will instantly feel calm. We love the pavement seating area especially in the summer, you, however, do not want to be caught outside in the rain.

8. All White Goodness

All White Goodness

This coffee shop design is simple, and the predominantly white color makes it very welcoming. It is very airy, and with the outdoor seating, it feels like a place reserved for royalty. It blends well with the greenery and the potted plants outside create the perfect ambiance.

9. Industrial Goodness

Industrial Goodness

The design of this coffee shop is rough around the edges while delivering stately ambiance. The exposed air vents and the modern touch to the wall make it a conversation starter as you wait for your coffee. The seating is comfortable, and the indoor plants create the perfect contrast.

10. Outstanding Counter Design

Outstanding Counter Design

There are many ways that you can incorporate your brand, but this coffee shop design has taken it a notch higher. They have the logo on the front side of the counter, and it is painted in a dark rose gold color. It oozes sophistication, and you will want to see if their coffee is as good.

11. Black Sophistication

Black Sophistication

This is another of our favorite coffee shop designs. It is predominantly painted black, and this gives it a touch of class and elegance. While it might seem dark, the windows let in much light, and you will want to take a selfie for your Instagram stories.

12. Monochrome Elegance

Monochrome Elegance

The design used in this coffee shop is the epitome of less is more. The inside is painted white with a huge black menu board. The monochrome design is elegant, and you will keep coming back for the coffee and the ambiance.

13. Modernism at Its Best

Modernism at Its Best

There are many contemporary modern coffee shop designs, but this one takes the prize. On one end, you get a white brick wall with the word café written on it in green. The other part is a combination of bent wood and floral wallpaper. The tables extend from the bent wood, and the high swivel stools are a nice touch.

14. Coffee to Go

Coffee to Go

This design is perfect for people who want their coffee to go, and it utilizes the small space with optimal efficiency. There is only seating space for two, and it is hardly a hindrance.

15. Two Color Preference

Two Color Preference

This coffee shop utilizes two colors, black and orange predominantly. There are wall hangings of magazine and newspaper articles carefully designed to give the ambiance of a perfect coffee shop for the lovers of history.

There you have to our take on the best coffee shop designs. As an entrepreneur, you will get more people coming to your coffee shop and for as a patron, you will love every moment spent in them.

Which one is your favorite? Share with us your sentiments in the comment section below.


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