25 Best Instagram Nail Art Accounts You Must Follow


Are you looking for the best Instagram nails for inspiration? Although very few people are perfect in nail art, there are some super talented people out there who have mastered this art.

Here are the top 25 Instagram accounts where you can get your nail art inspiration. You definitely want to follow them!

1. Lucy’s Nail Tales

Lucy's Nail Tales

Lucy uses use nail art to communicate. She offers one of the best modern looking nail art designs. Her work is very impressive!

2. Adriana’s Nail

Adriana's Nail

If you are looking for awesome rainbow nail art designs, this is the account to follow. Rainbows are always colorful, and Adriana uses their different colors for designing awesome Instagram nails.

3. BornPretty Official

BornPretty Official

For glittering and polished nails, Bornpretty store has the best designs. They range from simple purple nails to extreme rose gold nail arts.

4. Ramie’s Nail

Ramie's Nail

Have you tried out Smokey nails before? Lifeisnails has done some great nail work using gel polish and many other products.

5. Nail Challenge

Nail Challenge

Nail Challenge is a magical beauty base where you get outstanding nail art designs.

6. Candace Driscoll

Candace Driscoll

Offer similar nail art designs as Bornprettystore. Candace Driscoll offer discounts of up to 10%.

7. Srilakshmi Kumar

Srilakshmi Kumar

Srilakshmi Kumar is among New York’s best nail art Instagram account. They create glittering as well as very beautiful Instagram nails.

8. Nailsbycambria


Offers profesh nail art with prices ranging from about $29 to about $75. Also, Nailsbycambria offers other products like adhesive tabs and balancing agents.

9. Kimberley Johnson

Kimberley Johnson

Offers the latest nail products, nail trends and nail art designs. Besides, Kimberley Johnson conduct promos and tutorials regularly.

10. Mareike’s Nail

Mareike's Nail

Creates all swatches and nail arts. Following Mareike’s Nail will definitely make you addicted to nail polish art.

11. WNAC Official

WNAC Official

WNAC official has several nail art designs that you can use for various occasions.

12. Jess’s Nail

Jess's Nail

From the first statement in Jess’s Nail’s Instagram bio, she loves all types of nail art. She also offers a 10 % discount on BornPrettyStore and BeautyBigBang.

13. Bana’s Nail

Bana's Nail

Bana has all her Los Angeles folks covered with her own high tech nail art designs.

14. Sveta Sanders

Sveta Sanders

Sveta Sanders is a Russian based nail art specialist. Her nail designs are simple but of the best quality.

15. Nail Art By Merry

Nail Art By Merry

Located in Juneau, Alaska, Merry creates super cool and amazing nails.

16. Victoria Simpson

Victoria Simpson

Don’t you love Golden mix and match nails? Well, Victoria Simpson has all of that well sorted.

17. Elena Gavrilenko

Elena Gavrilenko

Elena Gavrilenko’s Instagram account has stunning designs that put a little twist on how your nails look.

18. Hanninator’s Nail

Hanninator's Nail

Hanna has her nail polishes in what she calls an infinite Shine formula. The shine formula is generally a three-step procedure that lasts for about 11 days.

19. Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee designs incredible and well-groomed nails that combine several colors.

20. LyubovLevkina’ Nail

LyubovLevkina' Nail

Although nail art is just a hobby for her, Kombucha has several incredible nail art designs that you will love.

21. Tanya Nail Art Tutorials

Tanya Nail Art Tutorials

This is an account from Ukraine. Tanya shows off her nail art designs with links to a 10 % discounts on MoYouLondon.

22. Kasia’s Nail

Kasia's Nail

Kasia uses different color trends to ensure you have vibrant nail colors.

23. Hannah Weir

Hannah Weir

Hanna Weir’s simple nail art has made her account one of the most famous accounts worldwide.

24. Anastasiya’s Nail

Anastasiya's Nail

Anastasiya is from Moscow, Russia. Her bold and bright Instagram nails designs can withstand any weather.

25. Caramellogram’s Nail

Caramellogram's Nail

Caramellogram offers inspirational nail art designs as well as swatches. She also offers a 10% coupon on BPS.

From the above list, you have the best Instagram accounts that are worth following. They are actually the best-of-the-best Instagram nails account. Follow these accounts for regular updates on new trends and other amazing nail products.


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