Get Your Fairytale Disney Dresses for Your Wedding


If you want your wedding to be just like a fairytale wedding, then your wish is granted! Yes, If you are a Disney fan, then you will inevitably fall in love with their collection. From Cinderella and Snow White to Belle, you can pick your favorite one for your wedding. Even there are wedding dresses inspired by Little Mermaid, Ariel, and Rapunzel. Here are the 8 types of Fairytale inspired Disney wedding dresses that you can choose from.

1. Light Blue Cinderella Wedding Dress

Light Blue Cinderella Wedding Dress

If you love Cinderella and you want to look like her on your wedding day, then this is the dress for you. The beautiful light blue colored ball gown with beautifully designed pleats seems pretty amazing. This off-shoulder dress has a very interesting neckline with a rhinestone embellished brooch. This dress exactly looks very flattering and beautiful.

2. Red Inspired Wedding Dress

Red Inspired Wedding Dress

Feel and look like the Snow White with this beautiful and flawless fairytale inspired Disney gown. This wedding dress will make you look as beautiful as the Snow White herself. It comes with a classic yet straightforward off-shoulder styled neckline. There is a lovely blue belt on the waist which tied up like a bow in the front. This gown has that classic and elegant look in it.

3. Lavender Flowery Rapunzel Dress

Lavender Flowery Rapunzel Dress

Have a dreamy fairytale wedding with this beautiful Rapunzel inspired wedding dress. The lovely lavender colored gown with floral details will look perfect on you. The frills in the suit with floral motifs look stunning. It can make you feel just like a beautiful fairytale princess on your most memorable day.

4. Blue Ariel Wedding Dress

Blue Ariel Wedding Dress

The famous Disney princess Ariel inspires this magical blue gown. This beaded off-should dress look quite fascinating and stunning. Also, the layers of frills in this gown can make you feel like a Disney princess, and you can too have a fairytale wedding.

5. Aurora White Wedding Dress

Aurora White Wedding Dress

Have your magical fairytale wedding with this stunningly beautiful wedding dress. This Disney white wedding dress is inspired by the very famous “Sleeping Beauty” Princess Aurora. With a delicate lace narrow shoulder and sleeves, this wedding dress looks quite amazing.

6. Disney Wedding Dresses

Disney Wedding Dresses

With all these options to choose from, you can surely find the best Disney wedding dress for your perfect wedding. Now having a fairytale wedding of your own is not limited to your dreams. If you have ever wished for it, then your wish is granted!

7. Belle Yellow Wedding Dress

Belle Yellow Wedding Dress

If you like to have a bright and gorgeous wedding dress inspired by a fairytale, then Belle wedding dress is the best! It is a stunning yellow colored gown with nice pleat details on it. Feel like Belle in this beautiful ball gown wedding dress.

8. Disney Inspired Tuxedo

Disney Inspired Tuxedo

When ladies can have a fairytale wedding dress of their own, why shouldn’t your man look like a fairytale prince? With this stunning and classy Disney inspired tuxedo, the groom will look nothing less than a Disney prince. Well, your fairytale wedding is no more just a dream!


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