14 Shimmer Eye Makeup Ideas for Stunning Eyes


Eyes are the soul windows and the first thing that draws someone’s attention when they look at your face. Eyes express a lot and most at times leave a quite lasting impression. Do you know that right makeup on your right eye can transform easily the complete face look? It’s quite easy to achieve that attention-grabbing gaze. All you need to do is focus on lashes, brows or color.

Below are some ideas which you can use for perfect eye makeup

1. Roy G Eye

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown | Highlighter | 35V Palette

Stunning eye makeup which features crease sharply cut, feathery lashes and vivid rainbow shadows.

2. Flawless Rainbow Makeup

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get Eyeshadow Palette | Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown | Rattiest Clay Paint Eyeliner |

It entails rainbow seamless eye gradient, truly strobing radiant, and well-polished brows.

3. Vivid Lashes

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get Marvelous Mauves Eyeshadow PaletteDip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown | Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner | Tarteist Clay Paint Eyeliner

We are all used to the blue, brown and black mascara. This idea entails batting the eyes with all the favorite mascara shades on the eyes.

4. Rainbow Falsies

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get Brows | PaletteLashes | Liner

In case you do not want to wear on the different mascara shades, go for the rainbow falsies and you will get the same look.

5. Add in The Crease as Well as The Eye Inner Corner Black Eyeliner

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get Far/Eyeshadow | HighlighterMascara | Brows

To create this look, you use green eyeshadow then brown eyeshadow to brow bone then blend the two to create more natural and softer eye.

6. Double The Eyeliner

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get Brows | Eyeshadow | Liner | Glitter

Line the eyes with eyeliner black in color then apply thin strip on the top of eyeliner brightly colored.

7. If Going for a Party, Dab The Inner Corners with Glittery Gold Eyeshadow

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get PrimerPaletteLinerWaterline

After application of the intended eye shadow, cover it up with glittery gold eyeshadow.

8. Begin The Eye Makeup with a Primer

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get Far/EyeshadowEyelinerMascaraBrows

Eye primer is made for creating a smooth surface for you to go on with the eye makeup. After applying the eye primer and it has dried, apply a base of an eyeshadow which helps the eyeshadow stick better on the skin. You can use foundation or concealer in place of eyeshadow base.

9. Begin with Four Basic Shades

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get BrowsPrimerEyeshadowsMascaraBrushes

Beginners in the field of eye makeup are advised to begin with four basic shades to do away with a used natural look. Needed is a highlighter which is a shade of lighter color compared to the tone of your skin. The other three shades are matte black, contour shade about two to three shades darker compared to the skin and mid-tone matte shade. You can as well use a facial highlighter if you have any.

10. Get Yourself Essential Brushes of Doing Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get BrowsPrimerEyeshadowsMascaraBrushes

For perfect eye makeup, you need flat small eyeshadow brush to use to apply the makeup, medium-sized and small blending brush as well as smudger though it’s not a must.

11. How to Apply

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get  Brows | Palette | Foundation | Lashes

When it comes to applying start by gliding on the lightest of all shades that small flat brush then applies the highlighter on the eyes inner corner. This part requires much of the product. Blend with the outer part later. Always tap the brush before application to remove an extra product.

12. Application Tip

Eye Makeup Ideas

Get BrowsEyeshadows | Lashes | Glitter

Before applying, dip the brush you are to use in water for it to become a dump and glide over eyeshadow then apply in the inside of the eye.

13. Apply Different Colored Eyeliners

Eye Makeup Ideas@TheBalm Alternative Rock Vol. 1 discount code: sayehsmakeup
@Lillylashes In Miami
@Iconic.London Illuminator
@Iconic.London Prep Set & Glow Mist

For that awesome look, play with different colors of eyeliners both on the bottom and top of the eyes.

14. Winged Look

Eye Makeup Ideas

@Benefitcosmetics Ka-brow shade 6
@Hudabeauty Rose Gold remastered palette
@Thebalm Schwing Liquid Liner
@Lillylashes Miami

For that dramatic winged look, draw on the eye an outline and then use desired eyeshadow to fill it.


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